International Orginization of Academic Studies


The organization consists of various educational and research departments that are trying to conduct joint projects, academic research and academic events with different universities around the world.

We try to establish effective communication between universities for the advancement of science and technology. In this way, we are inviting all the professors, centers and scientific institutions around the world to achieve the goals.


 Mission :

- Organizing international scientific conferences and seminars
- Organizing academic and professional courses and workshops
- Effective communication with universities and centers for the development of scientific and research collaboration
- Consultation and guidance of applicants for education at colleges and universities around the world.
- Publish research results and articles in the partner journals and publications around the world


Vision :

- Becoming an organization with a symbol of scientific peace regardless of racist views
- Collaboration with more than 1,000 universities and scientific centers around the world by the end of 2020
- Establishing a Scientific Peace Union with the participation of Universities, Centers and Institutes from around the world


IOAS Departments :

  • Education Department
  • Research Department
  • Study Abroad Department
  • Publication Department