We invite professors, trainers, universities, centers and institutes of science and technology to cooperate.


Cooperation in the following areas is possible :


1. scientific and professional Professors (Speakers)

- Membership in Scientific Committees of the Conference

- Education Courses

- Speech at seminars and events


2. Universities, Academic Centers and Institutions

- joint conferences and seminars

- joint training courses

- joint research and business projects

- Publish scientific articles of Conferences on the website for online access

- Publication of conferences article in international partner journals (ISI , Scopus , ...)


3. institutions sending students

- Introducing student to college
- Introducing student to institutions


4. Journals and publications

- Publish articles of our conferences in your journal

- Introduction of scientific members of our organization to join the jury of journals

- Providing Articles from different countries for publications in order to get internationally index for examlpe ISI , Scopus , ...


Apply for Cooperation :

1. Download the following form :


 Cooperation form


2. Complete the form , then send to our email :